Lepper has combined its long-established bicycle saddle expertise and experience in leather work with modern technology and the latest concepts.

The enjoyment of cycling starts with a comfortable seat. That is why Lepper concentrates on the comfort and quality of its products. The saddle covers, for example, are made of the best cowhides. Following a plant-based, environmentally-friendly tanning process, they are expertly and individually worked by hand into the various styles. The ladies, gents and unisex styles come in the colours natural, brown and black. With their classic shape, these saddles have been popular for over 100 years. They are equipped with various mattress springs and are suitable for regular cycling trips or travelling to and from work.

Authentic Line

The Authentic Line characterized by the use of vegetable leather with a distinctive, nostalgic look. Our workmanship at this craft processing of this kind leather saddles is definite of the highest quality.The traditional look has a specific design and is therefore very recognizable on every bike.

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Lepper Care

The Lepper Care Line is mend to relieve pressure on sitting and pubic bones when cycling. The recess in the saddle ensures less pressure on the bones and still contains the airflow to sore back.This ergonomic saddle is available in many types: recess, V-cut or cavities. Everything to improve ventilation and to relieve pressure on the nerves/muscles.Many physical therapists advise leather saddles to relieve bottom problems.

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Lounger Line

Lepper Lounger Line is a combination of Authentic-Line combined with a molded soft. Classic leather saddles needs a certain “sitting-in” period to form to individual properties. The Lounger Line, based on the hard leather saddle, attached with soft Latex and then finishing with Nubuck leather. These saddles directly gives comfort because of the Latex (in plastic saddles is that Gel). Therefore, the breathability of leather can be maintained.

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